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Ghost Dye™ Viability Dyes

    Exclude Dead Cells for Accurate Data

    When dead cells are included in flow cytometry analysis, it can result in high background and non-specific staining leading to false positives. To ensure accurate data, it is crucial to exclude dead cells from your analysis. Viability dyes allow dead cells to easily be removed from analysis to improve data quality. 

    Ghost Dye amine-reactive viability dyes can be used to discriminate viable from non-viable mammalian cells in flow cytometry applications. These dyes irreversibly bind free amines available on the cell surface as well as intracellular free amines exposed in cells with compromised cell membranes. Necrotic cells with compromised membranes will react significantly more with Ghost Dye viability dyes than viable cells in the same sample and therefore will exhibit much greater fluorescence intensity allowing exclusion of these cells from analysis!

    Enchant your research with spooky bright viability dyes!

    - Ready-to-use format
    - Easy to incorporate into staining protocols
    - Resistant to subsequent washing, fixation, and permeabilization






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