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Receive 30% off the Mouse TBNK/Myeloid/Treg Kit and its Single Tube Iterations

Discount code: MOUSEY

Applicable SKUs (95-K001-T025, 95-K101-T025, 95-K201-T025, 95-K301-T025)

Designed and Optimized for Full Spectrum Profiling™
95-K001-T025 | 25 Test Kit

The Tonbo™ Mouse TBNK/Myeloid/Treg Kit is designed by Cytek® scientists to enable researchers to quickly perform basic immunophenotyping and analyze mouse B cell, T cell, NK cell, Myeloid, and Regulatory T cell (Treg) populations in mouse samples. This pre-titered ready-to-use mouse kit contains three sets of reagents that are fully optimized for best performance on the Cytek® Aurora and Northern Lights™ full spectrum systems.  

Cytek® provides the following tools to streamline the laboratory workflow:

• Complete protocols for sample preparation, staining, and acquisition
• Experiment and analysis templates to streamline workflow and improve laboratory efficiency  

The Mouse TBNK/Myeloid/Treg Kit can also be used as a backbone to expand to a broader panel of your desire.

For added flexibility, each set of reagents is available to purchase separately with the following part numbers:


Receive 20% off Immuno-Oncology Reagents

Discount code: IMMUNO

Immuno-oncology is the area of research that studies the immune system within a cancer environment. The goal of this research is to help the body’s immune system fight and destroy cancer. Progress in this field has been made to reduce tumor burden, however, there is still a need for generating new therapeutics for better efficacy and safety.

You can trust our broad portfolio of antibodies to help you better understand the relationship between the immune system and cancer. Explore our portfolio of Immuno-Oncology reagents and receive 20% off with code IMMUNO at checkout! 

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